Logitech: Why us?

Logitech Ltd is a solution of choice for high specification surface finishing with precise geometric accuracy.  Our materials processing experts design and manufacture a range of precision sawing, lapping and polishing equipment.

How to soften the challenge of finishing silicon carbide

SiC is one of the hardest materials known to mankind, and this makes lapping and polishing SiC wafers a time-consuming and laborious challenge. Learn more about how automated systems can help.

How to put a sparkle into lapping and polishing sapphire wafers

Sapphire substrates are becoming widely used to grow III-V and II-VI compounds such as GaN for LEDs. However, processing them manually presents significant challenges - learn how automated lapping and polishing systems can help.

Finishing First

While lapping and polishing processes have become more predictable, there is often significant variation in the results obtained by different operators.  Automated systems can remove this variability and help increase productivity, read on to learn more.